sábado, octubre 28, 2006

Here we go steelers , Here we go !!!!!

Hombres de Acero?
How do you say Double Yoi! in Spanish? Hoping to tap into the enormous popularity of the Steelers in Mexico and among Hispanic football fans throughout the United States, a father-son broadcast team wants to create a second Steelers radio network in Spanish.

"Pittsburgh is a national team," said Fernando Von Rossum, whose father, Fernando, began broadcasting NFL games 37 years ago. "We're looking at the Hispanic market outside of Pittsburgh. The Steelers, that market, is big in the Hispanic community."

Was amazing experience, said two "chinese" fans in the "Azteca Stadium"
The Steelers played the Indianapolis Colts in an American Bowl preseason game Aug. 19, 2000, in Mexico City.
An estimated 90 percent of the 87,145 in attendance were Steelers fans, most twirling Terrible Towels and dressed in black and gold.
"It was unequivocally a Steelers' stadium," Wilson said.

The "Steel Courtain" mexican fan´s expecting the kickoff

Steelers president Art Rooney II is enthused by the idea of having his team's games broadcast to its Hispanic fans internationally. The club plans to add a Spanish-language page to its Web site soon.
The popularity of the Steelers in Mexico took root when NFL games were first broadcast south of the U.S. border in the 1970s.

"We started agreements with [Mexican] TV in the '70s, right around the time the Steelers became popular by winning all those Super Bowls," said Pete Abitante, the NFL's senior director of international public affairs. "At first, you had to wonder why the Steelers and Dolphins were so popular there. But it really goes back to that time." The elder Rossum, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, estimated that 70 percent of football fans in Mexico favor the Steelers. The NFL's Wilson placed the Steelers among the top three fan favorites in that country.

"We talked to the Steelers and we're very, very excited," the younger Von Rossum said. "The Steelers and Cowboys are the one-two teams in Mexico. Right now, the Steelers are doing so good, they have the No. 1 followers.

"In Pittsburgh, there are not many Hispanics, but nationally there are a lot of [Hispanic] fans in Texas, California and Florida."
En recuerdo a la visita al American Bowl en el 2000, Ciudad de Mexico!!!
Cortina de acero conformada por los hermanos moretones: raul y jorgue, linebackers victor,mario,ruben y porristas Laura y Lupe.

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